It is an undeniable fact that mobile devices, which many of us can hardly be without for a moment, have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Users can now easily meet all their needs, from work to entertainment, from social media to internet banking, with mobile devices. However, with all these advantages, the frequent and continuous use of mobile devices also brings accidents.

Now, Cepfix is here for you in such situations! With an order you can easily place on our website for repair, our courier will pick up your mobile device from your desired address and deliver it to Cepfix Service or the relevant authorized service center. You will be informed via email or phone at every stage of your order, and the price determined for the repair will be submitted for your approval. No intervention will be made on the device without your approval for this price. Our customers outside Istanbul can deliver their devices free of charge through our agreement with MNG and receive them back in the same way.

Founded under SAS Servis Teknolojileri A.Ş. and currently operating throughout Turkey, Cepfix provides solutions to the problems of your mobile devices. Starting with the claim of repairing mobile phones without you having to leave your place, Cepfix ends the hassle of waiting in line at technical services with its fast and practical service.

With Cepfix, it is possible to have your smartphones with broken screens, malfunctioning, dropped in water, or various other issues repaired quickly and easily. Additionally, we offer a backup phone service so you won't be without a phone while your phone is being repaired. You can use one of the Samsung A5 and iPhone 6, 5s, and 5se models until your device is repaired. At Cepfix, after entering the brand, model, and reason for the malfunction of your phone and getting an estimated price, you can complete your order in 3 steps.

Cepfix's services are not limited to individual customers. Our corporate customers can request the repair of multiple phones and easily track these requests.

A price offer is given to our corporate customers based on the model of the device they use and the specific needs of the company, ensuring that our customers receive the best service at the most affordable price. Our company also provides extensive insurance services for these devices in cases where our corporate customers make bulk purchases of devices.

While your phone is being repaired, you can track the status of your phone on our website with the service number. As Cepfix, we offer solutions for many issues that may arise in your mobile devices, such as the device not turning on, the battery not charging, sound problems, inability to reset, Bluetooth issues, orientation sensor, volume button, Touch ID, SIM card, vibration, and memory card problems, side button malfunction, charging socket failure, touch screen crack, wireless network, and screen issues. We also provide a 1-year parts warranty for every part replaced in your device.

If you are looking for a fast, practical, and hassle-free service to have your smartphone repaired, you are at the right place. With our quality, reliable applications, and expert team, we are here for all your mobile phone repair needs. Enjoy having your broken mobile phones repaired from where you sit with Cepfix

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